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Medvedev vs Alcaraz LagateRaho

Daniil Medvdev once again showed the tennis world that he is a force to be reckoned with after winning the Miami Open, his fourth title this year. He has played 25 matches in 48 days and has an amazing 24-1 win-loss ratio.   

World # 2 Alcaraz has also enjoyed a decent start to 2023 bagging two titles and an impressive 18-2 win-loss ratio. Yet, his recent defeat in the semi-finals of the Miami Open at the hands of Jannik Sinner was a damper in Alcaraz’s otherwise impressive form. Whether it is a momentary lapse or a sign that the youngster might struggle against other top players is something time will only tell.

With Medvedev in prime form and on the rise up the rankings, we compare both players overall attributes:


Carlos Alcaraz is an aggressive baseliner who likes to dictate the points with his powerful groundstrokes. He often looks to take the ball early and hit it with pace and spin. He has a good serve and moves well on the court. On the other hand, Daniil Medvedev is a defensive counter puncher who relies on his consistent and accurate groundstrokes. He has excellent court coverage and is comfortable defending from the back against the big hitters. The Russian also has a good serve and is a solid returner.


Carlos Alcaraz’s powerful forehand is one of his biggest weapons. He can hit his forehand with pace and spin from anywhere on the court, and he uses it effectively to take control of the points. Medvedev’s forehand, on the other hand, is not as flashy as Alcaraz’s, but is still a truly important shot in the Russian’s arsenal. He hits it with good depth and accuracy, and it’s a shot that he uses to set up his backhand.


Both players have contrasting backhand styles. Carlos Alcaraz has a one-handed backhand with which he generates good power and spin. It’s a shot that he uses to hit winners down the line and crosscourt. Daniil Medvedev has one of the best two-handed backhands in the game. He hits it with good depth and razor-sharp accuracy. Medvedev uses his backhand to neutralize his opponent’s attacks.

Net Play:

Both players are comfortable at the net, but approach net points differently. Carlos Alcaraz is an aggressive net player who likes to finish points quickly. He has a good touch and hits accurate and pacy volleys. On the other hand, Daniil Medvedev is a more defensive net player who uses his height and reach to effectively outmaneuver his opponents at the net. He hits deep and well-placed volleys and isn’t afraid to come to the net to finish points.


Both players are physically fit and have excellent stamina, but Daniil Medvedev has the ability to play long matches without getting tired. He is relatively more consistent and makes few unforced errors. Carlos Alcaraz is still developing his fitness and has shown that he can play and win long matches effectively.

Mental Strength:

Both players are mentally tough and can handle pressure well. Carlos Alcaraz is a player who thrives on confidence and isn’t afraid to take risks. Daniil Medvedev has a calm demeanor on court, and rarely shows his emotions. The Russian is a strategic player who adapts his game plan to take advantage of his opponent’s weaknesses.

To conclude, Carlos Alcaraz and Daniil Medvedev are currently amongst the most talented stars in the game. Alcaraz’s fitness will play a big part in deciding how well he ends the 2023 season, whilst Medvedev’s season will largely be determined by his ability to transition to different surfaces. Medvedev’s superior experience does give him an edge in ending the season with more trophies than Alcaraz.

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